Bad girls


Bad Girls is about growing up as a non-conformist female member of society. It is a peak behind a self-confident facade, shedding light on self-doubt and regretful thinking. Yet the song is also a dancy celebration about overcoming past self-definitions and embracing our failures, that make us who we are today. Bad Girls is the first of four Singles, that will be released over the next months leading up to the release of LUCIEs Debut EP on July 21st.


Caleidoscope Release Party

Crack Bellmer, Berlin, RAW Gelände, Berlin

The three producers Detechtive Music, Aura Hustling and Lucie & The Robot met in 2021 for the DIANA SONGWRITING CONTEST and wrote the song Caleidoscope. This is the official release party of this collaboratively written and produced piece, which will be released as a Single alongside a Remix by Aura Hustling and an Alternative Version by Lucie & The Robot. All three artists will play a Live Show with their respective projects.

Artist Bio

Lucie is a singer, songwriter, music producer and performance artist from Berlin. Lucie creates music to liberate herself and others from social anxiety, self-doubt and patriarchal norms. Strong rhythmic hooks in a dark universe of synths and experimental production complement Lucie's etherial vocals. Lucie's Live-Show is a dance-driven Electronic Set played by her and her live-band "Lucie & The Robot".